Thursday, August 21, 2014

Behind the convenience curtain

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I'm not a fan of fakery. Sadly in a supermarket world of profit and maximising shelf life our food items are presented to us in the most commercially profitable way to alter our spending towards fast moving consumer goods.  It's about the packaging we will chose, the convenience we apparently need and the price we are willing to pay.  If you shop only at supermarkets these things all make sense.  And with all that available spare time we can do things that make us happy.  Because apparently preparing food to eat isn't one of them  - for some people.  As a person who lies awake at night thinking about what I will bake tomorrow I see the joy that growing, harvesting and cooking brings.  I've changed over the years however with wisdom growing deeper along with facial lines, I've moved from my apartment living sushi bound lifestyle to a love of fresh country air and home cooked food.  Having grown up in the suburbs my idea of life skills were being able to locate your car from a multi deck carpark and find the right exit onto the highway.  In the country it's actually about life and survival whether it's animal, vegetable or wood pile.  It's about using the locally grown and harvested and sharing your knowledge with others.  That's what Maggie Beer does.  She told us about South Australia, the Barossa free range chook and using recipes that you grew up with.  Whether her ingredients are from sunny Queensland or sitting on her front door step she doesn't need to apologize.  She's done more for Australia than any imported celebrity chef on a mega bonus telling us to buy convenience food from a organisation they don't shop at.  The business world of pantomime rolls on.

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