Friday, August 29, 2014


Number One Son is counting down the days to glorious beach mornings with the salt air through his ears and more pretend games of Rescue Dog saves Bayside residents. Me not so much.  I loathe and detest the hot weather.  My skin, like filo pastry burns and dries in anything warmer than an energy saving eco light bulb and my hair turns into something resembling pea straw.  Still carrying two sets of gloves in my handbag I reluctantly succumb to Spring with scratchy eyes and enough hay fever symptoms to have emptied entire pharmaceutical shelves.  Alas the tiny pink blossom on the miniature fruit tree makes us all happy following a poor performing effort last year and the new chives are standing tall in defiance of Max's backside keeping them warm and bended in the winter sunshine.  As the low cloud is slowly lifting today and the sun is beginning to warm through that means Number One Son gets a bath.  Hero dog or not.  And can't leave your cape on.

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