Thursday, August 14, 2014

A Text from my Carrot

From little things big things grow.  Isn't that how the song goes?  Our first peek at the harvest didn't send me scurrying off to join the Royal Agricultural Society, in fact didn't even warrant a salad bowl.  Too soon.  Obviously.  But you don't know unless you ask.  And pictured carrot was the answer to that question.  Be patient.  Nature won't be dictated to by what it says on the nursery tag.  In fact if we followed their harvesting instructions we'd be eating dirt and roots weeks ago.  I did harvest a very ripe avocado from my handbag however having forgotten about it being given to me by my step mother's daughter in-law's next door neighbour's tree while searching for a pen.  It has sat there for a week all warm and a little bruised from my rummaging and bashing with purse and mobile phone.  Maybe it was the phone that did the ripening. Perhaps those full size uniform shiny carrots in the supermarket have been brought to quick harvest having spent their growing weeks embedded with an Apple of the wrong variety.  Just hope it was on silent.

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