Friday, July 11, 2014


They hate it when you leave the house. They don't care that you need to earn money to buy them their premium dinner choices and designer blankets.  They don't understand why you wouldn't want to dedicate your day to their every happiness and need.  Why go out when we can go for a walk and smell new smells?  Why put your makeup on when you only need to ran up the stairs with a piece of string for me to chase?  They know your every movement and they know your routine better than you think.  Before I've picked up the car keys there is at least one sad face at the top of the stairs.  They know the type of shoes you put on will tell them it's a good pet day or an average one.  A day that starts with a cup of tea in bed is a good day.  A day like this means walks, play time and the warmth from the electric blanket just a little bit longer.  Their routine soon becomes yours.  Unfortunately their uncanny sense routine triggers them both into action at exactly the same time every morning even on days when the alarm doesn't go off.  Either they know at exactly what point the dawn says 5:50am or they really can read the clock.  I just wish they could read that it's Saturday.

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