Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Pass me the passround one more time

Recently I have come into possession of the 1988 published Australian Heritage Cookbook (pictured).  The introduction proudly displays Managing Director Mike Alberts (ok?) sporting Kenny Rogers grey beard and silver hair wearing a white shirt and fetching black leather vest complete with fob chain.  Ah, the 80's.  Who knew?  Who knew that according to our friend Mike, "Anything which is time saving and economical is naturally desirable and microwave cooking can produce the simplest of meals as well as an exotic banquet with the minimum of fuss".  Never having been a fan of the microwave and reserving its use for no more than the warming of hot towelettes on aeroplanes, the 80's convenience movement lead us to believe that a microwave could change our lives.  It exploded our eggs, set fire to our foil and cooked things to such a high temperature we no longer had food, just severely altered molecules once resembling food.  Recipes told us that we had to brush on certain ingredients to brown food that would never brown.  Caramelising was not really possible in the nuking machine so if wanted brown you could spray your muffin with soy sauce. The Heritage Cookbook reminds me of times when curry powder was the only spice in a curry and you only needed a pineapple to start a party.  Most of the recipes have fortunately found their resting place in this (instant) coffee table book and our dinner parties won't ever be in need of Oranges in Chilled Mint Sauce or Chilled Paw paw souffle.  The Cheesy Prunes won't run off the plate and I suspect the Apricot Passrounds will continue to do just that.  God bless old recipes may they long make us laugh and sometimes even want to lash out and cook one.  Don't suppose you kept your grandmother's fish mould by any chance?  Passround anyone?

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