Thursday, July 10, 2014

Bread bored

You can tell when Max is offended.  He does so regularly.  If that tuna stuff gets served up, if the food isn't varied and the bowl isn't clean, he gets that look and he's off.  I must say I share his offence at times.  I too have been known to turn my nose at some of the latest food trends sweeping our local eateries.  Food no longer plated up but set on a chopping board and put in front of you as if you were expected to dissect it like a lab rat.  A simple sandwich halved and plonked on a wooden plank with a serviette to remind us it's for food and not for cricket.  With the ever present bar stool and shared table as the decor of the day I find my smallish self only a few centimetres between food and face and one false move of too much pressure with a knife I could headbutt my breadboard and fling the toast.  Plates were fine.  Not sure how they lost their way in the restaurant world where we went from round to square and now wooden to where to from here?  If the trend continues I fear our sandwiches will come presented in a bit of bark or the stump of a tree.  Maybe I'm being too fussy.  But just can't seem to get the splinters out of my salad. 

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