Saturday, July 12, 2014

B double chicken anyone?

I'm a big fan of the local farmers market.  I like my purchases to have limited fiddling (ie., processing) from paddock to plate.  An article by Australian food critic John Lethlean last week mentioned something along the lines of, if a farmer doesn't like visitors to his farm for reasons of security or some oddity then be cautious of what comes out of it.  A recent trip to country Victoria's pretty town of Maldon saw every store window with a protest sign about a chicken factory threatening to open in the nearby region.  Trucks, dust, dirt, disease.  The list went on.  A few chickens?  Just a mere 1.2 million will be processed at this 'farm' at any one time.  You can imagine the quality of life these no range birds will have.  I suggest not far off breeding headless, featherless and with no less than 4 breasts per bird, this type of processing of chicken is solely about profit. I don't consciously eat this stuff but I wish I could be more conscious every time I ordered a chicken sandwich.  The beauty of farmers markets is that you get access to the growers and breeders.  They want to talk about their produce, how it's grown, why the carrots are odd shapes and the capsicums are small. Their veggies are grown not produced, they travel in a small van, not cleared through customs in a B double and were picked yesterday not last year.  It's a good feeling when you open the fridge and dirty, gnarly, misshapen veggies poke their head out of the crisper. We are definitely eating more veg this year and even Number One Son has his grated carrots with his dinner.  Even the pooper scooper has taken on a faint orange glow.

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