Thursday, June 5, 2014

Watch out for the picnic gangs

We do love a picnic.  And number one son gets very excited about an upcoming pit stop to get out and sniff around. We are well experienced at the morning and afternoon tea stop regime with our just warm home baked date scones and a thermos ready for hot tea.  We've utilised many a decaying wooden picnic table complete with our James Bond style brown tweed picnic carry case complete with leather buckled straps to hold in the contraband.  In our case more cruskits than caviar and whilst the local bird life is inquisitive until today we've had no need to pack anything semi automatic in our case.  Our recent mug of tea stop included an off the highway green reserve beside a small stream filled with ancient trees and mist covered grass.  The plague placed at the front of the reserve informs visitors of the royal visit in the times of horse of carriage including a cracked and faded photograph of the tree in front of you and the visiting royal delegate of the day.  You wonder how long it would have taken them to get there in those days, with no Google Maps and roads that would have been tricky at best.  Whilst you ponder all of this the local bird gang, two magpies and a rosella work the picnic table.  One to keep a watch out, one to distract the passers by and the other to steal the scones.  It worked.  I bet it does every time. 

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