Sunday, June 22, 2014

Can winter stay and play a little bit longer?

Winter will be over soon enough. Some people take pleasure from the shortest day done with and the warmer climate a mere few months away.  Not me. If I could put a sign up saying No Hot Days underneath the No Junk Mail one I'd be happy.  The older I get the less tolerant I become for those endless summers and cliche ridden heatwaves..."Melbourne Swelters through another Scorcher", so on and so forth.  Hot weather discriminates against aging skin like delicate filo pastry that dries and cracks if not regularly placed under a damp cloth.  Scant summer clothing works so well on the less traveled and a trip to the beach requires enough sun block protection to cater for a nuclear mishap,  'Reactor Factor Fifty, won't come off in the water, or ever'. My head doesn't cope with the searing sun and requires ridiculous hat attire to go beyond the back step.  The brims on my hats provide coverage not just for me but given their circumference, shade most of the garden too.  No stay away summer days I'll enjoy the damp sunshine as long as I can. 

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