Thursday, May 8, 2014

We all work for Max

We forgot his birthday.  He turned 3 a few days ago.  There was no party, no invitations sent to his friends the local possum, the pigeons and that gungy bit of string he loves so much.  No jumping castle, no pony rides just another Max day like any ordinary day for this well catered for cat.  Food on demand, a former designer throw rug to sleep on, and a household who are preoccupied with his utmost happiness, we say he does alright.  Cat's are particularly clever at moving your attention from whatever you are doing, to them.  Be it a newspaper, remote control, keyboard or (computer) mouse Max will plant himself on it in one of his usual 'stop what you are doing and pat me' moments.  He's a great communicator but the conversation is somewhat limited.  We often wonder what he is thinking.  Not a great deal is usually the response.  But somewhere in between those magnificent seal point ears is one of the smartest minds in the household.  I say that because this morning it was 4.9 degrees and the household is up and shivering through the morning rituals of another workday while Max, now fed has returned to my bed to make the most of the electric blanket with early morning sun coming through the window.  Everyday is a birthday for this little ragdoll.

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  1. All cats know that the Egyptians were right about them being gods. Smart people know this too.