Saturday, May 24, 2014

Sharing is for girls ... and dumb cats

Number One Son got a new bed.  The tail wagged and the nose went straight in.  Quickly followed by the tail and a half chewed bone.  Then followed a carefully selected tennis ball, from a large range strategically placed around the house.  And a small stone he had hidden under his old bed.  He stayed there all day.  He looked out from his new bed and thought all was good in the world.  He came over to tell me with a wagging tail that he liked his new bed when suddenly he turned and charged back to his bed barking all the way.  Max (the cat) had dared to sniff it over with an ever so distant but stick it up your jumper sense of curiosity.  Max was unceremoniously pushed aside and Bennie sat up in his bed again.  Don't won't no cat germs all over my new bed.  Jeez. Can't have anything to myself around here.

1 comment:

  1. Love the description of the claiming of the new bed - I could picture the whole scenario as you described it. Thanks for the great comment on my most recent post - it's a very apt analogy! It's a challenge to stay in the moment and not give in the "annoying flatmate".