Friday, May 2, 2014

Baking with Bocuse, sort of...

Full credit to Paul Bocuse and his Regional French Cooking for my Bacon and Cheese tart lunch today.  Whilst not quite bang on for integrity I swapped his Gruyere for my local's vintage but he would have been proud of my bacon choice.  Organic, free range, in the paddock for a good time if not a long time and requiring a small financial loan for about 8 slices but well worth it. The tart sat beside what remains of the salad patch which is a few upright Cos leaves that I appear to be sharing with a backyard grub who's keen on the green but repelled by radicchio. The biscuit tin has been fleeced with the last of the fruit slice gone and given the weekend will be awash I suspect it's going to be an afternoon of grey skies, a slight northerly and a warm serving of scones. Hope you have a bumper baking weekend.

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