Monday, May 5, 2014

Baby possum slow cooked in jelly variety

Don't pets love a routine?  Same time for breakfast and same time for dinner.  Regardless of weekend or not, I will be fed at 6.05 am again today please.  Routines work well for Max when it involves food, play and attention. With the nights now darker and more damp he's succumbed to the winter routine of more food, more attention and don't forget that red toy mouse you throw for me when there is not much on the telly.  Pets are remarkable at training us into their worldly needs.  His dinner routine involves a culinary selection of specific branded cat food labelled as casserole, meaty chunks, cooked in jelly and slow cooked varieties.  So conditioned is his requirements he's been known to decline slivers of fresh fish, roasted chicken and tiny morsels of raw liver.  Because it didn't come in a pouch.  We do our best to provide him with a varied diet to the point where we have exhausted all selection boxes at the supermarket and therefore run out species.  I'm waiting for the new Endangered Varieties range to come out next.


  1. i love this. all our dogs have been very time-spcific about their meals too! and hang on, the chooks too. though as the seasons change, they do too - they obviously know that when it gets darker in the winetrtime, they shoudl be fed earlier! it's hilarious.
    he looks like a very pampered puss :-)

  2. Missy is the same. Breakfast at 6AM, dinner at 6PM and she knows the time and eats basically the same every day. Last night John not only fed her a bit early, but also gave her some leftover roast instead of her normal dinner. When I got home at 6.15 PM she was frantic because she hadn't had HER dinner. Obviously the roast was just a pre-dinner snack.

  3. Never let a good home cooked roast get in the way of it.