Thursday, January 16, 2014

Is there a David Austin cactus rose by any chance?

We've all become a little weather obsessed by now looking at an aggressive sun up early this morning with 44 degrees celsius predicted (or 111.2F in the old money).  Pets have thrown themselves dramatically in front of any perceived breeze or air conditioning hoping for a draft across a coat of warm fur.  Our much pampered garden has thrown in the towel with the recently purchased David Austin roses now looking like we've put them in the microwave.  The hydrangea blooms look like popcorn and I recon you could just about roll up the lavender and smoke it.  No amount of night time watering can save them.  This sun is like that bad guy from the Lethal Weapon movie that has a giant blow torch and fires on everything he sees. Our tomatoes are doing their best to pretend they're in Tuscany but are most likely going from heirloom to sun dried in a matter of days but the passionfruit still hangs green. My bay tree has dried leaves like you find in a packet in your pantry three years after the use by date and the gardenia is just never bloody happy "not enough water, not enough sun...too much sun". The upside is your laundry is dried quickly with the hot sun turning your clothes into cardboard in less than an hour.  If not careful you could snap off a sleeve just folding your shirts. Including today, two more nights to go.


  1. Isn't it horrible. I hope the weather changes for you soon.

  2. while not as high as the mainland, my part of hobart is also hot (it will be 40 in my neighbourhood today) - so i recognised just about eveything you have said! towels on the line dry in no time ... to stiff surfboards. i too try to keep the soil in my vegie garden cool and moist around my llittle pea and bean seedlings - but the fierce sun just zaps at the tender leaves and frazzles them to a crisp.
    good luck surviving the heat today.