Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Holiday time is drawing to a close as we start to pack up the relaxed atmosphere and get back into everyday busy.  I've never been much into outdoor holidays and could always value the importance of ensuite accommodation with the prospect of a campsite toilet block sending me searching for industrial strength bleach and the phone number of the nearest pest control company.  The back yard gardening I take no credit for having lost many plants over the years being root bound, under watered and not thriving after a liberal spraying of Baygon to keep the pests away.  But I do love nothing better when the sunshine is warming than to take a turn around the garden.  Having a garden that doesn't require too many turns to complete the small courtyard dimensions I see the changes in the plants everyday.  Fortunately my husband being more in tune with plants requirements offers me the joy of being able to pick our own flowers and eat our own herbs.  As the working ritual will soon return and the sun won't hang around for as long I appreciate our little holiday time with nature, all without having to give up any home comforts, or ahem...hygiene.

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  1. I'm the gardener in the family here, like your husband. Love digging in the dirt - but I'm with you on the camping. Sleeping rough is not my idea of a holiday at all.