Thursday, January 9, 2014

Butter is back but the dish ran off with the spoon

I bought a butter dish.  It's not an antique and it has little monetary value but it turns out it's as rare as...butter dishes.  I've been on the hunt for over a year now carefully maneuvering my way around some very cluttered antique and 'olde worlde' shops just to come up blank.  I've looked at cheese dishes (too big and clearly shaped of a cheese wedge) and I've been shown dishes with no lids but according to the people in the know, they are hard to come by.  I even scoured the tiny towns of Tasmania and looked in stained glass window shops with crumbling verandas amongst the tacky and the taxidermy.  Having tripped over an elderly dog's bed's by an open fire I was told they're just not around anymore.  When margarine became popular the butter dishes were either turfed in the garbage tin or got broken and never replaced. Now when I get my dish out of the fridge, I do so very carefully. It sits in the fridge on the centre of the middle shelf with room to grasp and no risk of crowding.  In its first incarnation I imagine it never really moved far off the kitchen table and sat closely with the jam for company.  It knew square white bread and a Sunday scone and the mixed multi grain sliced sourdough must seem completely alien.  It could probably remember rationing and lard but will learn to live with the Lescure Unsalted.  So here's to the welcomed return of the butter dish.  If you have one, hang onto it - with both, non buttery hands.

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