Thursday, October 31, 2013

Have you noticed that they are not talking to you?  As the years add on you begin to notice that most advertising is not aimed at you.  If I make an assumption that the advertisers use the age group of people they are targeting in their commercials, I'm left with not much more than funeral insurance and reliable underpants.  My ads are about 'peace of mind' and worrying about paying bills when I'm dead.  I don't by the way.  NOT MY PROBLEM will be embossed in gold on my headstone.  We're financial and still have our wits about us (too many sometimes) but the advertising world wants the youthful fickle and flighty on trend purchasers of today that throw away tomorrow.  They should be banging on our cage door.  Not only do we have purchasing power even if we do use it wisely, we are loyal to good service and quality products.  I'm the perfect shopper.  I go out and forget what it was that I was shopping for, find a list in my pocket when I get home and wonder how milk and cat food turned into a lampshade and new shoes.  I'm not in a hurry and not looking for anything specific I just know it when I see it.  It's just not located near the dairy or pet food aisles.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

We all love the opportunity to be noticed, to tell our story or be a big fish in a small pond for a short moment in time.  With the new age of instant videos and selfie photographs I often wonder if we are turning into the look at me generation or something that only Caravagio would understand.  Like attention seeking addicts our every moment is uploaded, instagrammed and posted, tweeted and shared before we've returned home for dinner all to be noticed in a cyber hope that we go viral.  To some of us going viral means a runny nose and a Lemsip on the couch more so than an opportunity for an early morning television spot where we see videos of extraordinary behaviour and heroic efforts that are left to us to determine whether truth or fiction.  For the most it seems true but sometimes the not so heroic version would be far more entertaining.  The surfboard rider who escaped a shark attack by punching the predator several times seems pretty likely given the surfer's most capable physique and youthful attitude even though his girly screams and hysterical crying would have made a more entertaining story in sending the big fish elsewhere. No doubt the offending creature returned to familiar waters and menu items, and to share his story about the one that got away.  Just not sure which version he'll use.