Friday, November 1, 2013

You're Sensational

Max (pictured) caught a mouse.  A baby rat we think.  We've had a few around lately.  We just hope angry momma bear don't come looking for him! This was a major achievement for Max.  You could tell he was dead proud.  So proud in fact he brought it in to prove it.  We still don't have any real evidence that he was the sole perpetrator in the killing of this creature, it's just, shall we say, not high on his capability list.  Not as much as his ever so clever Cocker Spaniel brother Bennie.  Bennie was best in class and tells everyone he meets.  "Hi I'm Bennie, best in class, want to see me drop, sit, hi I'm Bennie".  Max not so much.  He was home schooled.  And we weren't home much.  Not that he worries.  He's big on bugs, fast on spiders, public enemy number one to flies, he shares his dinner with the pigeons  - and he likes Grace Kelly.  He knows he's sensational. I don't need to tell him.

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