Thursday, November 28, 2013

It's holiday time and don't they know it.  There is no answer good enough for 'why aren't I coming with you?'  As suitcases come out long faces appear and the standard household pet priority routine goes by the wayside.  The pet nanny will be summoned or worse, bags are packed for the pet motel.  Two deluxe presidential suites are booked with televisions in each room, private balcony and gourmet food.  Theirs not ours.  Theirs cost more than ours.  They complain all the way in the car, Max wails in his carry case and number one son starts whimpering because Max is wailing.  It's a long trip for a short distance.  Check-in requires more paperwork than immigration and proof of vaccinations are provided to cross the threshold.  The sound of friendly residents surrounds and the look of disgust on Max's face is predictable with not a designer Laura Ashley blanket in sight.  A few days pass and we return to undo all the bad that made us feel good.  We've had a few days of being parents without pets and come back refreshed for ever present smiling furry faces again. Once returned to the yard number one son is keen to tell us about all of his adventures and new friends.  Max doesn't speak to us until dinner time.  Back to normal.

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