Thursday, November 7, 2013

Career change

You often read about people who have decided to make a major career change and take on something completely different.  I think this used to be called retirement.  As we go through the many phases of our lives our interests change as do our motivations.  The desire to be a rock star hopefully fades as the years pass by as the thought of staying up until the wee hours only makes us feel like a bit of a lie down.  Forging a new career is difficult enough but knowing what you really want to do is even harder.  After years of dedicating yourself to a sort of chosen career path you begin to notice your list of applicable skills disappearing faster than plate a chocolate royals.  Your 70 words per minute error less typing is no longer listed in the job criteria let alone the opportunity to brag about your perfected Pitman's (shorthand).  Having myself been turfed out of the typing pool only to wade into a word processing position the redundancy axe was soon on my proficient Word Perfect tail.  Another skill gone along with attention to detail, mature approach and personal presentation skills - and yes I still wear hosiery.  So as mature age workers we look at the new careers that have evolved.  I'm just not sure exactly what it is that some of them actually do...or why.

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