Monday, November 11, 2013

Call the decorator, it's Christmas.

Six weeks until Christmas she says on the early morning telly.  Six weeks.  I drop my concentration whilst attending to my cereal.  Six weeks seems awfully short.  Is she sure?  Did we miss a week or two?  Come November the pace seems to quicken as we slide into another season of merry. There's a list.  Of food, and presents, and wrapping and more lists of ingredients and invites that are popping into my head at the far too early hours.  Do they all have to be at the same time?  The supermarket car park starts to fill a little earlier than usual and the boxes of nothing much get loaded into the trolley in case whatserface turns up with a box of nothing special too.  Something happens from October to November that puts people into a spending spin.  The stores are shamelessly displaying the must haves like the gingerbread house kit that supplies you with not much more than a cutting tool for the frame and a piping bag for the cement leaving you to project manage your own grand design of baked biscuit building.  The magazines gives us styling guidance on interior decorating with eclectic here and strategically placed over there.  Your mantle piece should be overflowing with your own crafted antique doily bunting and tiny reindeer made of twigs from your acres of land, your tree adorned with hand made angels made from wooden pegs and French linen.  All very rustic but costs more than a full trolley at Santa's Kingdom warehouse down the road.  Six weeks they say, six weeks.

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