Tuesday, November 26, 2013

And they still want more...

To say we've always provided for them, the very best we could is an understatement.   Knowing our four legged furry children have the best opportunities, schools, healthcare, nutrition and designer blankets there's been no expense spared.  Against our better judgement Max (pictured) was purchased from a pet store in a large shopping mall.  He was brought home on the day we moved into our new house and from that day forward, let's say he left his mark on more than one occasion! He was a sick cat.  He was underweight and unable to keep food from passing through him at a rapid rate and the carpet and bed covers took a beating so bad I'll spare you the soggy details.  He was lifeless and not capable of normal kitten playfulness. With the help of a good vet and the arrival of his cocker spaniel puppy brother he made a complete turnaround.  He started to eat more and began playing to such a degree his nightly empty bathtub ping pong game had him in line for national champion.  He had a real chance at gold if there was ever such an olympic event.  He grew out of the ball in the bathtub routine and soon took to destroying the furniture.  Arm chair by arm chair he would launch an attack when no one was paying him attention.  Where did we go wrong?  Did we give him too much too soon?  His three story scratching post, his own Laura Ashley blanket at the end of the bed and a daily selection of the world's finest tinned endangered ocean species.  And yet at 10:30 at night he is outside howling down the neighborhood calling to a mate - even though we thought we had that side of male entertainment snipped from him at an early age.  There are no mates for Max he lives in a compound where the only other resident is a disinterested possum that appears on the fence on a warm night long enough to send number one son into a barking frenzy.  He's not your friend Max.  We're your friends.  Remember us, the ones who have the highest loyalty points on our account at Pet's Warehouse?

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