Friday, July 12, 2013

There's no App that does my laundry

There’s an App for everything.  And money to be made if you can come up with one that hasn’t been thought of before.  You can search the App Stores for the most popular and the free to download.  I’ve tried to be enthusiastic about how an app can change my life for the better but so far have failed to do so.  I don’t need to put a mobile phone next to my bedside table to monitor my sleep.  I know I won’t sleep better knowing that large portions of the night are spent by me worrying if the sleep app is watching me or just registering enough brain tumour microns into my head to cause me a restless night.  There’s an App that will tell me how many calories I am burning when I'm doing not very much.  There’s an app to record my distances walked, my kilometres driven and the age of my body, either real or apparent.  All delivered via an electronic device so clever that only a pencil and paper could do it better.

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