Wednesday, July 3, 2013

If the shoe fits

As I walk around the local streets I love the diversity of style in apartments and houses. These different styles so named to reflect the era or the reigning monarch of the day gives us a guide to people's lives and a time gone by.  Where failing foundations and rising damp have overtaken neglected properties the developers descend with bulldozers in gear and planning permit in hand.  So to the new era.  The age of the modern shipping container style home.  You can have one container or two with a sliding glass door at the front and the other box stacked on top like layered in-trays.  Where the stevedore replaces the stone mason the new style apartments save time and money where intricate detail can mean 20 down lights or 30.  Not yet named as per the age or reign the Kevin/Julie/Kevin era doesn't quite fit.  With our clean lines and shiny surfaces our new way of shoe box living has everything stacked in its place.  We stack our plates and we now stack our homes.  Unfortunately the apartment stack is the highest stack of them all.  Each poking out a little less than the one below the only thing missing is the shoe size on the front door.  I'm in 9B narrow fit, which one are you?

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