Monday, July 8, 2013

Housekeeping for pets

I bought a bunch of flowers.  You know, for the house.  No special occasion other than a reward for a clean house that will be clean for a very short time.  Pets have no regard for clean.  Clean is uninteresting and not worth a serious sniff or poke.  I've learned my lesson well with an afternoon spent thumping a vacuum cleaner up and down the stairs for a thorough spring clean only to find last Thursday's leftover leg of lamb bone neatly placed behind the toilet for safe keeping.  And it would be the exact time you would have a visitor around only to explain that the dog likes to put things aside for another day and no we generally don't store discarded food items at the back of the loo.  Who knows though, come back next week and there might be a side of beef.  The lilies came with a warning from the florist that they are lethal to cats if eaten.  Alarmed, slightly but not all that surprised as I think they are lethal to humans too. So having placed the toxic offenders out of harm's way I can sleep more soundly even though the deadly floral arrangements would need to be cut into small pieces and placed in a prawn jelly before my cat would be mildly interested but I'm sure he appreciated the effort.

There was a stage of gift bearing from my cat during the summer months when he brought me home small gestures of his appreciation.  First it was a shiny beetle dropped inside the door, some small pigeon feathers artfully displayed and then a huntsman spider smartly delivered in the middle of the rug on the lounge room floor.  Fortunately the spider had been long deceased and no amount of soft 'wake up spider' poking by my cat's paw was going to revive it.  No, my clean carpet is a figment of my imagination really.

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